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We Provide Electronic Claim Submission to all Medicare, Medical,
Blue Cross / Blue Shield and most commercial carriers.

Proper coding is crucial to a claim being processed correctly the first time that claim is submitted.

Coding may also affect reimbursement; improper coding may prevent the maximum reimbursement from being realized.

Using software, similar to software used by the insurance industry, we validate billing codes before claims are submitted.

After validation we then submit HIPAA - 5010 compliant electronic claims to participating insurance carriers.

Each practice and specialty has its own particular billing requirements that make it unique. We work with you in finding the optimum solution for your individual practice, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Utilizing our experience and knowledge, we constantly look for legal and ethical means of improving your reimbursement rate.

Our Specialties Include: Our Services Include:
* Family Practice Claim Processing
* Psychiatry Payment Posting
* Internal Medicine Follow up Correspondence
* Chiropractic Design Super Bill (charge sheet)
* Nephrology Monthly Aging Report
* Nursing Home Monthly Productivity Report
* Cardiology Monthly meeting dicussing and addressing any issue
* Dialysis Center
* Surgery
* Ophthalmology
* Durable Medical Equipment
* Plastic Surgery

We do not charge setup fees!

We are HIPAA and 5010 compliant.