Benefits Page Picture Benefits of Electronically 
Submitted Claims 

(Computer to Computer)

Which is for you? Electronic Manual
Re-imbursement Time 7 to 14 days 4 to 5 weeks
Confirmation of Acceptance Immediate 4 to 6 weeks
Rejection Rate Less than 2% 25% to 40%
Paper Work None Much
Billing Costs Reduced High

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Why should you outsource with CompuClaim Medical Billing?  
 Increased Cash Flow!
 High Reimbursement Rates!
 Claims Usually Processed Within 24 Hours!
 Payments are mailed directly to you!
 No Software or Hardware Costs!
 No Training Costs!

Billing codes are validated on every claim before submission. Correctly specified billing codes allow for maximum possible reimbursement and reduce the number of rejected claims caused by coding errors. This translates into increased cash flow for you!

Reimbursement checks are sent directly to you, not the billing service. We eliminate the middleman so you receive payment sooner!

We process your claims promptly and accurately. Typically within 24 hours of receiving them.

Removing expensive items as software, hardware and personnel training substantially reduces your billing costs.

Our years of experience and knowledge, coupled with our coding software provide you with billing expertise at a very cost effective price.